System reboot, I know that i'm inconsistent in making things

Firstly, you might ask why did I delete all of my post in this blog. Yeah they were written in Indonesian which is why I deleted them. It's not because I don't like to use my own language on my blog, I just started to think that I might better be remake my blog with english language. You know I used to write all of my blogs with bad english and I thought I should better change it to language i'm better at. But for educational purpose, since I want to learn english more, so I decided to restart this blog and start making post with english language from now on.

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Srinivas Reddy
I am here just to say hi :)

23 Desember 2016 12.10 · Reply · Delete
Srinivas Reddy
hi dude.. i know you since 3 years.. am following you.. from the day i seen your blog.. me started coding and designed my blog..
23 Desember 2016 12.45 · Reply · Delete
Srinivas Reddy
taking too much time to system reboot ha.. hey buddy whats up.. any new things.. how you doing buddy ..
31 Maret 2017 02.35 · Reply · Delete
Srinivas Reddy
hey i need your email id to send you something gift.. urgent .. can you reply to me..
3 April 2017 05.02 · Reply · Delete
Srinivas Reddy
hey am sending you
please reply with your email id send you details
3 April 2017 08.26 · Reply · Delete
Srinivas Reddy
just now sent you all login details to your gmail and facebook messenger.
6 April 2017 03.04 · Reply · Delete
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